Sleep Apnea Relief

Sleep Apnea Relief

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The Herbs of S.A.R


  • Lobelia– Enhances and maintains respiration intensity.
  • Thyme– Increases lung efficiency.
  • Chamomile – relaxes the sleeper
  • Cramp Bark– reduces muscular tension to allow more signal from the brain to the diaphragm.

In some individuals, the disturbance is clear due to disruptions in sleep from respiration blockages which result in irregular sleep patterns and lack of access to important “sleep stages” that are needed for good rest. This can be due to numerous causes. In other individuals, the main consequence can be as simple such as lowered oxygenation of the blood and resultant lack of “refreshment” from sleep.

A simple, all natural product that helps maintain a great quality of sleep. It will create an industry of healthier and more alert individuals that will better function in their daily lives.

Improving the sleep and alertness does not require uncomfortable, costly or even dangerous alternatives. It can be accomplished simply and inexpensively with S.A.R, which is an herbal supplement designed to sustain nocturnal respiration.

Sustain Sleep,  Renew Alertness … Naturally.